Do you have questions about Dr. Valli’s consults?

Our behavior team believes that in order to improve a pet’s behavior, a group of concerned people can come together to find solutions. By bringing together veterinarians, animal behaviorists, dog trainers and yourself to help your pet, we create the synergy for behavior solutions.

Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about Dr. Valli’s consultations

What is a Veterinary Behavior Resident?
What types of behaviors does Dr. Valli and her team work with?
Is my pet's behavior bad enough to warrant an appointment with Dr. Valli?
I am already working with a trainer. Will I have to switch to a Synergy trainer after seeing Dr. Valli?
If I work with Dr. Valli, will I have to switch to using her as my veterinarian?
May I observe a veterinary behavior consultation?
Why do you collect a deposit for my pet's behavior health assessment?
How does Synergy's deposit and cancellation policy work?
When I provide my personal information to you, what happens to it?

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