Human-Directed Reactivity

Attendees: Limited to 4 dogs
Length: 6 weekly sessions
Time: 1 hour per class
Tuition: $250
Prereqs: Active Synergy Patient

Having a dog that barks and lunges at people is a stressful thing. It can also be difficult to treat because helpers can be difficult to find. That is why we developed this class.

This supportive group class gives structured and safe opportunities for clients to practice behavior modification to reduce their dogs’ reactive behavior towards unfamiliar people.

It is one of Synergy’s Behavior Therapy options only available for Dr. Valli’s active patients.  Due to the subject matter of the class, attendees are required to have seen Dr. Valli within 6 months prior to the start of class, and have completed recommended pre-class training.  Note that the cost of Dr. Valli’s consultations and pre-class training are not included in the class fee mentioned here.

If this class has been recommended for you and your pet, please contact us for upcoming class schedule and registration.

For more information about general class policies please visit our Class Policy page.

For other commonly-asked questions, please visit our Class FAQs page.
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