Kitten Kindergarten
Attendees: Limited to 4 kittens
Length: 4 weekly sessions
Time: Sundays at 5:45pm
Approx. 40 min. per class
Tuition: $150 (per 4-week class+clicker)

Special Notes:
This class is for kittens between 7
and 14 weeks of age. Kittens must:

  • Have been evaluated by their
  • Have had their first round of
    vaccinations and deworming
  • Must be healthy to attend class

Did you know that many common behavior problems in cats can be prevented with early training and socialization? Help you kitten grow into a well-rounded cat!

This unique group class will explore normal kitten behavior, socialization and training as well as preventing common problems such as:

  • Play biting
  • Destructive scratching
  • Fears and phobias
  • Litter box problems
  • Aggressive behavior

This class is an open enrollment class. This means that you and your kitten can join on any week and attend for 4 consecutive classes (excepting skip days) to learn all the materials. The biggest benefit of this is you don’t need to wait several weeks to get started with your kitten’s education.

Register: Please contact us to register!

Class Policies

  • Please check your schedule to ensure you can make all of the classes for 4 consecutive Sundays. There are no make-up sessions if you miss a week of class. You will, however, be emailed handouts for the missed session.
  • This class is in high demand, therefore refunds are not granted for any reason within 1 week before you are scheduled to start class.
  • Children are welcome to attend class. Young children will need to have an adult other than the kitten’s main handler to manage them.
  • The instructors reserve the right to request a student to leave if they are behaving in a way that is inappropriate or disruptive to class. They also reserve the right to request a student to remove their kitten from class if the class setting is inappropriate for the kitten.
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